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Spring/Fall Clean Ups

Let Damasca Landscaping clean up the leaves, sticks and debris from your property in the spring and fall. Our property maintenance team is quick, thorough and efficient so you never have to worry about breaking your back trying to bag up those heavy wet leaves again. When you join our year round property maintenance schedule, we take care of your spring and fall cleanups promptly. 

LeafCleanup Pic.jpg


When you choose Damasca Landscaping for your property maintenance experts, you choose to have your lawn looking excellent day in and day out worry free! You'll never again have to worry about getting that old broken down lawn mower out from the back of your shed. We make sure that your lawn is mowed and trimmed when it "NEEDS" it! Unlike other landscaping companies, we don't mow your lawn if it doesn't need it. During the dry months of July and August there may be times that your lawn does not need to be mowed. That is why our mowing team uses their best judgment every single time they pull up to your lawn to decide if it is in need of mowing that week so you don't pay for anything you don't need!

Hedge Trimming

Here at Damasca Landscaping, no hedge or shrub is too big or too small. When you choose our yearly property maintenance plan, we keep your hedges and shrubs in tip top shape! Our experts know when and how your plants need to be pruned so that they stay healthy and beautiful looking every single day. 


Garden Maintenance

Our garden experts are working hard every single day in the summer months to keep your gardens looking pristine! Our garden maintenance services include weeding the gardens, mulching of the beds, removing over crowded plants or shrubs, feeding the plants and finally cutting back the gardens when the season has come to its end. When you choose one of our year round maintenance plans, we work hand in hand with you on all of your garden maintenance. 

Let Damasca Landscaping take care of your property maintenance this year and see the results for yourself. Your neighbors and friends will be jealous at the sight of your beautifully maintained gardens. Your family will be impressed at the sight of your well manicured turf. Your guests will love the way your property is maintained when you have barbeques and other events in your backyard. With your busy schedule, you will no longer have to worry about weeding your garden or mowing your lawn. Instead of spending your fall raking up those leaves, you can spend your time doing what you like to do. Let the professionals at Damasca Landscaping do the outdoor jobs that you dread while you can focus on catching rays this summer. Call us today to talk about a plan that fits your needs.

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