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Retaining Walls

When you are looking to have a retaining wall installed or an existing one repaired, it is imperative to have it done right. This is because a retaining wall not only acts as a focal point in beatifying your property but it is also acting as erosion control for your yard. When you decide to have your existing wall repaired or a new wall installed, keep this in mind.


The number one cause of retaining wall failure is improper drainage. A retaining wall must have proper drainage or it wont last very long. If a wall has proper drainage, it can last up to a hundred years. All of our retaining walls that we install here at Damasca Landscaping always have a drainage system behind them. The system we use will vary depending on the size of the wall, type of soil and amount of water that is in your area. This is what can happen if there is not enough drainage behind a retaining wall. Your wall can begin to shift and even fall over. This can be a major eyesore for your property as well as a liability becoming extremely dangerous over time causing your property to lose value all the while!



Drainage is crucial however without proper reinforcement, the system will not work. Here at Damasca Landscaping, we use a geosynthetic material called Geogrid. It is used to reinforce the soil behind your wall. Without this material, the weight of the soil will over time cause a retaining wall to fail. Some other companies may not use this material claiming that their drainage system is enough to hold up your wall. However, without a solid reinforcement system behind your wall, a drainage system can not operate properly. If you are having a retaining wall installed be sure to ask your contractor if they are using geo-grid as this will save you money and time in the future.


Choose The Pros

Make the right decision today when you choose Damasca 
Landscaping for your upcoming Retaining Wall installation or repair. Our Hardscape specialist, with years of experience will help you through the entire process making it easy and smooth. Nothing is "Set In Stone" except for our walls. Just like the strength of our retaining walls, our reputation is backed by our strong core values. All of our work is warrantied. We have a long list of satisfied customers who recommend Damasca Landscaping for your Hardscape Projects. So take the step today in Improving your Property Value, Strengthening your Curb Appeal, and Beautifying your Land by calling us today!


When you are thinking about a new retaining wall, we offer a variety of different materials. Our materials include:


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